Who are Quito and the Edge (& Trinity too!)?


If you have been lucky enough to spend time in the British Virgin Islands & luckier still to have visited Cane Garden Bay you may already have heard some of Quito’s lovely lilting reggae beats. Quito Rymer was born and raised on Tortola and although his Mum, a preacher, opposed her young son’s musical dreams – after all “Band boys were bad boys!” – he still managed to find his calling. His early inspirations came from the bible passages he knew from so small and also the giant of Caribbean music, Bob Marley. Those two voices combined to help Quito find his own musical path. He is a self taught guitarist. His songs – 8 albums and counting – spring from the heart of his homeland. They tell tales of visitors from afar, of love won and lost, of joy and strength and while the message may at times be serious, the spirit is always upbeat.

Quito soon realized that the amazing musicians surrounding him in the BVI could help round out the sound that he had at first been quite shy about expressing. He learned from them and grew with them and that period of growth formed the genesis of what is now The Edge. This loyal 4 piece band, some of whom have been with Quito for well over a decade, is made up of David Thomas on drums, Dion “Buckwheat” Williams on bass, Michael Blaize on keyboards and Calwyn “Pier” Parkins on lead guitar. They are so close knit that they almost sound like a single unit and it’s impossible to watch them perform without jumping up to dance!

THIS TIMEdemo mix "THIS TIMEdemo mix"

As any true music lover will know, no matter how great the sound created by a tight 5 piece “Boy?!” band, if you add the right female voices it takes the experience to a whole other level. Quito understood this and the search for the missing element was on. Again it was the church that helped find the right fit and the 3 ladies of Trinity, Rochelle and Akesha Smith and Surbhi Williams who had been part of church choirs for years joined & completed the Quito and the Edge family. Their 3 part harmonies are truly heaven sent and as you can see they are all very easy on the eye too!

We’ll be getting you more information soon about the great journey that Quito, The Edge and Trinity are taking together with you their fans.

You can visit us at www.quitoandtheedge.com and also chat with us and share our music with your friends at Facebook.

Peace always & Jah Bless…

Kim Huish,
for Quito Rymer & the Edge

Quito and The Edge